Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Angels along the way

Coming from a country where medical access is limited, this surgical mission means a lot to me. In very poor areas of the Philippines, children born with deformities are assumed to just live life the way they were born. There are no second chances. They are isolated and made fun of. I have always dreamed of doing something for kids like these. When asked to be a part of this mission, I said yes without hesitation. I knew that this would be my chance to give back to the world.

There have been some ups and downs getting us to this day but we made it. I would like to especially thank our nurse manager in Vassar Pediatrics, Sue Albertson, for her total support. Thanks Sue for your flexibility with our requests. I also would like to thank Apria Healthcare Inc. through Katie Rapp for donating nebulizers, Bill Brown for more nebulizers and some respiratory supplies, Ramona Trever for other supplies. For all the staff in Pediatrics who have helped us in so many ways. Our sincerest gratitude to our donors who have generously given financial support. Last but not the least, our families, for their love and sacrifice (taking care of the kids while we are gone). You are all instrumental in making this trip possible. From our hearts, thank you.


Tamara Faublas-Joseph MSN, RNC said...

Yes Elaine, we are almost there! Indeed we are so grateful for all the support from team members, colleagues, friends and family.

Steff said...

Elaine, I am just so proud to know, that people like you extended help beyond the call of duty. Truly, you have (all of you who went to Colombia) a compassionate and a healing hand(s). You are really casting out into the deep! CONGRATULATIONS to aLL of YOU!

Womankind said...

I see that you haven't added anything to your blog for some time, so you may not receive this note. If you do, however, please email me at

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I look forward to hearingf rom you.

Nancy Leigh Harless