Thursday, September 27, 2007

Santa Marta

The mountain ranges and the ocean--sheer beauty. The weather is a hot humid 90. Daily there have been brief mid-day tropical showers. And the people--wonderful, genuine, hospitable, and grateful.

Our hosts, UNIMA (United today for a healthier future) is a grassroots nonprofit organization that has spent months coordinating the local efforts in recruiting patients, getting the hospital and supplies ready, and funding our lodging and meals. UNIMA dates back to 12 years ago when a Floridian Heal the Children representative moved back to her local Santa Marta. She wanted to create an organization that would help sponsor foreign medical teams to provide care to her own people, and deliver care that was not accessible to local residents. Twelve years later, we are the sixth team that they have sponsored. We have not seen such a group of dedicated, hospitable, and altruistic women before.

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