Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Century Medical Associates-Fishkill group comes together to help a good cause!

I want to thank the staff, nurses and my partners at New Century Medical Associates, Fishkill office for coming together not only as a team, but also as a family to help out with our upcoming mission to Colombia. I didn't even have to ask, and everyone lent a helping hand for such a good cause. Notably, Lisa Patterson, office manager, coordinated providing vaccinations at no charge to several of the volunteers. Thanks also to my partners including Dr. Jose Fontanez and Dr. Patricia Shannon for providing the funds for this donation! and nurses June Brown and Melania Fontanez for staying after-hours to administer these vaccines.

Melania and June also did a lot of leg work to collect medications and supplies from our office and pharmaceutical representatives. The front reception staff: Joanne Thyne, Janet Bernabe, and Amy Litcofsky, helped to get the word out to the pharmaceutical reps of our need of medications. The reps that donated medications included: Ellen Carr-Fenner of Schering-Plough, Lisa Marsella-Joyce of Sanofi-Aventis, Christine Honig of Glasko Smith Klein, Mare Falker-Corwin and Alan Allard of Astra Zeneca, Beth Toth of Tap Pharmaceuticals. Several nurses have even loaned or donated their own personal suitcases to pack ALL of the supplies in, including June, Melania, and Wendy Gerbes. Let's not forget our Physician's Assistant Dave Haldeman, nurses Wendy & June, and Dr. Shannon who purchased several 'must need' items, and PA Lorry Martin for the bags of suture sets. Melania's spanish translation services were really appreciated when corresponding back and forth with the Hospital Fernando Troconis.

I wanted to also give special mention to Michelle Stevens, Joanne Thyne, June Brown, and Lisa Patterson for getting the whole staff involved in getting together care packages for each and every team member--what a special, thoughtful, and beautiful gift! Each package had wooden bead bracelets from Bethlehem, symbolizing healing and spirituality, hand made earrings (made by Lisa's mother), bath and body works lotions, and loads of other necessities. Every NCMA staff member that contributed should know that your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated--the team loves them!!

Special note of thanks also to TLC Pediatrics physicians Dr. Parveh Borojeni and Dr. Christian Hietanan for their generous donation of medical supplies as well!!!

The Colombian children and their families will be very thankful for everyone's time, generosity, and caring. Thank you!

--Kavita Aggarwal, M.D.

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