Sunday, September 16, 2007

Packing Party

Those who could, gathered for a "packing party" at Debbie Fritz's house and also at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. Given the sheer volume of equipment, supplies and medications that we had gathered, and now needed to be carefully itemized and packed into individual suitcases, the task seemed daunting. Once again, I was impressed by the hard work, dedication and coordination of team members, as it all came together. Not only did we get the work done, but it was a great bonding experience - laughter and good conversation abounded as we looked forward to the upcoming trip.

There was barely any floor showing in Debbie's living room! It was a rainy Saturday evening, the perfect time for a packing party. Pictured above from left to right are Terri, Byron, Nick and Debbie.

Tamara (in the back) and Elaine meticulously inventorying medications.

Terri (at left) and Amy (Steve Nargiso's wife) sorting through sutures. Elaine is in the background.

Paul Fritz (Debbie's husband) did a fantastic job itemizing our master packing list, precisely noting where each item was packed.

Nick organizing anesthesia supplies - his help has been crucial.

The satisfaction of a late night, but a job well done! Kneeling in front, me and Debbie. Back row from left to right, Terri, Steve, Elaine, Tamara, Paul and Nick.

Debbie, Paul and their two lovely dogs, behind a sea of packed suitcases. Thanks again for hosting the event and letting us take over your house!

Late evening, packing after hours - team members have given up their weekends and stayed until late at night to make this happen. Bibi (back to wall), Mary (in the back), and Chicky (pointing) organizing supplies for the trip in the hallway outside of the Operating Room at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. Chicky has led the effort at Vassar.

Lee and Mary sorting through boxes stacked up high in the ladies locker room (anywhere space could be found to store supplies needed for the mission!)

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Mtngentleman said...

Hello and great reading about your wonderful medical mission to Santa Marta

I am a Rotarian specializing in water projects. I am attempting to locate a Rotary contact at the Santa Marta Rotary Club. Can someone help??

Many thanks

Shep Shepard