Thursday, October 18, 2007

Children are resilient

I think what will stick with me the most from this trip is the resilience of the children. At home, we have a tendency to see images of children in developing countries and think "How sad. Poor children." The amazing thing about kids is that they are so adaptable to whatever situation they are in. They do not have a basis for comparison, when it comes to their economic or social standing. I bet some kids go to the hospital thinking this is a normal part of growing up. The hospital experience was probably harder for the parents who know that this is not normal and are scared. While this trip was not without some upsetting moments (i.e. having to turn families away, children waking up from surgery in tears), overall I was uplifted by their spirits. I only wish I could spend more time with them.
Edwin (above) was born with one leg.
But that didn't stop him from starting a game of chase with me.
I was not only out of breath, but I never did catch him!

Jerson 1 day post-op

Jerson 2 days post-op

Fari before surgery. Kids like him came into the operating room more curious than scared.

Fari leaving the hospital 1 day post-op and carrying his own suitcase.

Luis Gabriel putting Veronica's stethoscope on his own heart before surgery.

Luis Gabriel less than 24 hours after bilateral cleft lip surgery.
And no, this picture is not photoshopped...

All photos ©Annabel Clark 2007

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