Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Santa Marta, Colombia September 2007

As much as I like to express in words what I feel is really very hard to do, I wish I have the ability as I've read some of you have, but in very simple words I will try to share what I experienced while in Colombia.I was very amazed to see the effort of each and everyone of the team members to accomplish the task assign. The cooperation between all of us, always trying to help each other and how the team blended from day one. Even with all the negative things happening daily in our jobs and lifes is incredible to see a group of people so optimistic and enthusiastic that would deliver regardless of the circumstances. Thank you so very much for letting me be part of this faboulous team.I truly enjoyed spending all this time with you.Going to Colombia was like going back to my roots, going back to my people and I really felt like a fish in the ocean. I wasn't expecting although to be such a rewarding experience as it was.The trip to Santa Marta showed me what life is really all about: Help and understand people. Love and care for the people and to live life at its full potential. Every little patient and case was a reason enough to be there and everybody had his or her special patient. Like someone described in one of the postings you could basically see their soul throug their eyes.This was my first mission and wish to have many more missions to come because by doing this I beleive we get closer to become better persons and a better world. I will try to post more at another time.


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Phaedrus said...

You are an inspiration to us all and especially to the children and families you helped to heal. We salute you!