Friday, October 12, 2007

Healing Children in Santa Marta

What has transpired over our week in Santa Marta, Columbia still seems surreal. Emotionally draining, physically exhausting and spiritually lifting. I continue to have episodes of spontaneous blubbering while visions and memories overwhelm me that will continue to be processed long after our plane has landed back in New York. This experience brings me into alignment once again, what is really important in all our lives, being of service to those in need and loving those that are closest to us well enough that there is no doubt about how grateful we are to be in their presence.

Thank you to the women of UNIMA who treated us as though we were their children by keeping us safe, entertained and our bellies full, we were left without any worries or concerns for our well being. I am so very grateful and proud to have been part of this mission and for the opportunity to work in the company of truly wonderful humanitarians brilliant, hardworking, focused, and undaunted. Always with our one goal clearly in sight, the children. The children one after another, we cared for them as if they were our own.

Thank you to Riverside Medical Staff of Dr M. Sarabu Cardiothoracic Surgery for putting up with me during my constant conversation pre and post mission and for the donations made by our team members, for all the hugs, well wishes and prayers that came our way. Most of all thank you to my family for their constant support in my desire to take part in this my first mission. I have been blessed, this much I know, and I choose to do this work because of all of you.

Saying goodbye to Mom at 3 AM!

Together we have accomplished so very much, but to see the smiles of the children and family member’s faces is our greatest reward. For all that, I have said and will continue to speak about, I hope to inspire just one person to join a mission, there is so much, yet to be done, consider me signed up!!!

Chikela Cody thank you for inspiring me.

To be continued…

Leonora C. Gerspach RN CNOR CTOR

last case, last day, last minute!


Elaine B. Suderio-Tirone, RN said...

Lee, that was very nicely said. It is obvious that every word you said come from the heart. Your presence and your smile was always comforting during the mission. It was really nice working with you. As you have said..."to be continued..."

Emma Serra-Green said...

Every so often Helen or I will ask, "has anyone heard from Leo" and the answer is no. Now I know why, you are out there doing God's work. I am so proud of you and cherish our teenage year memories. But I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you and the woman you became.
You Go Girl! Keep up the good work.
Love to All, Emma