Thursday, October 18, 2007

My experience

My experience in Colombia was profound. It was a rewarding Mission for myself, and I sense it is beyond that for all those for whom we cared. Although I have been a pediatric nurse for 19 years, it was my first participation in a Mission. During this time, I nurtured children as they recovered from surgical repair of facial and oral deformities. Our six long days of care resulted in expressions of admiration, respect, and gratitude. The volunteers of UNIMA made our stay comfortable and assisted the team through the long hours of work. The conscious benefits were heartfelt - smiles, hugs, prayers in Spanish and tears too from the children and adults during the first day of screening and after recovery from the surgical procedures. Thanks to contributions through schools (Lourdes H.S. and class of 2007), work (Vassar Brothers Medical Center), physicians and medical groups, and never to be forgotten the guidance of God and support of family and friends, I was able to participate in this wonderful Mission to Santa Marta, Colombia!

Tamara Faublas-Joseph, RN, MSN

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