Monday, October 1, 2007

Screening Day 9/23/07

First patients arrive at the hospital for screening

A 1 year old cleft lip patient accompanied by his grandmother

The crowded waiting area

Passing the time counting bottle caps

A local priest of Santa Marta performs a service for families in the waiting area of the hospital

Patiently waiting to be screened

Dr. Abraham examines 1 year old Luis Gabriel, while UNIMA volunteer Lina watches in the background

8 year old Jailenne having a benign tumor examined by Dr. Abraham

Pat plays around with a 1 year old cleft palate patient

7 year old Jerson having his blood pressure checked by Tamara and Byron

Finishing the day on a high note with 8 year old Jeison

All photos ©Annabel Clark 2007

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