Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Trip There

Gathering at Vassar Brothers Medical Center to catch the bus to JFK at 3 AM - we have the care packs from New Century Medical, but where's Manoj's wallet?

Loading up the "big yellow bus" at Debbie's place - who knew there would be traffic on the GW at 5 AM.

Packed in like sardines (Byron provided medical care to a couple of passengers even before we got to Colombia!)

Looking for that elusive bag #14 - it reappeared miraculously in Santa Marta.

6 hour layover in Bogota, getting used to delicious new cusine - how many ways can you cook corn?

Boarding for Santa Marta - it's the next night already!

Welcomed by Cecilia and the increadibly gracious women of UNIMA in Santa Marta

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Rayza said...

I was "navigating" in the web, and saw this site, and saw this pic, I study in unimag, but I don't know the women in this pic, but it doesn't matter! I felt happy for see that you didn't have excellent conditions, but you got a really nice time in my country. thanks for visit us.

By the way, what event had unimag that day?