Friday, October 19, 2007

Treasured Memories & Rewards

While we are all back to work and the rituals of life, the experience of caring for the children in Santa Marta is also a permanent part of my life. I was able to actually take part of changes made for the families physically and emotionally in South America, which in return will make us a more everlasting element to the self-esteems of each person we touched. No words and perhaps pictures could transpire the pleasures experienced in the responses of the children, families, and members of this medical and professional team! I have lived more and grown by working with various customs in a foreign country. What a growing process of life... I became part of different situations and functions. The environment, mannerism, styles of living and coping are only a few of my insights gained as I opened up my heart to how people are living and managing differently than what I was aware of. Our own roles and culture may leave us stagnant, but to give of our own privileges, skills, and hearts will provide for the children and families, and to the team too an award that I gracefully welcome.
With my continued faith, support of family and friends, I look forward to making a difference in lives from my direct touch through similar missions again... most definitely 'to be continued.'

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