Friday, October 19, 2007

A Montage of Memories

  • Veronica's breakfast tea
  • What are those double yellow lines for anyway?
  • Art dancing with the octogenarian (breaking the ice)
  • Byron dancing with everyone! The Mambo King!
  • Byron translating
  • Finding the one spot where the air conditioning worked
  • Taking cold showers. We learned to love them!
  • I couldn't eat another bite. Oh, there's dessert?
  • No UNIMA, you cannot keep Anond.
  • Do you think we could do one more kid?
  • The colorful,okay gross, descriptions of Granadilla
  • Manoj finishing the rum
  • Veronica saying"I'll be OK, just dance around me."
  • The late night bus ride--Joel saying "This is just like a video game!"
  • No one leaves here without Bilateral Myringotomy Tubes!!
  • The horror on Pat's face when he thought he lost his wedding band.
  • The relief we all felt when he had it safely back on.
  • Cliff's gracious sharing of his lap-top. God bless the Internet.
  • Debbie always ready for anything! Her contagious laugh.
  • Chikila--our rock and our inspiration.
  • Nick-- Manoj called you the heart and soul of this mission and you were.
  • Maybe we could get an earlier start... did I just say that?!
  • The best room-mates possible
  • Annabel becoming a Godmother
  • The poor airport security dog who had to sniff my dirty laundry
  • My version of Spanish: speak loudly, use short English sentences but end most words in "o", smile and use alot of hand gestures... I'll work on my Spanish for next year. Hey, what do they speak in Madagaskar?
  • The beauty of the Columbian mountains and coasts.
  • The warm generosity of our hosts.
  • Learning something new every day from every one of you.
  • Looking forward to working with this exceptional team next year!


Leonora Gerspach RN CNOR said...

Manoj and his clipboard in charge of the luggage.

Leonora Gerspach RN CNOR said...

Does ANYONE know where Pat went???

Manoj T. Abraham, M.D. said...

Thanks, Mary - this brought back a lot of memories!

Rayza said...

A lot of experiences, very beautiful memories!

Tamara Faublas-Joseph, RN, MSN said...

Yes dear roommate and recovery-room leader...we managed the long days and then coped with little for the evening attire; thanks for the assistance, patience (time management), and 'shopping' for another evening wear!

Kavita Aggarwal, M.D. said...

What happens in Santa Marta, stays in Santa Marta

Kavita Aggarwal, M.D. said...
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